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Student Life Cycle Management

Benchmark Learning ERP is a top-class solution to de-clutter the massive data of the student life cycle and to creatively organize it for easy access..

School bus tracking

To create a safe and systematic school bus management. Provides real-time location of the school bus to parents and school authorities.

Efficient School Fee Management

Smart school fee management makes the task of an accountant much easier. Parents can view and access their ward’s fee details.

Work Force Management

Work Force Management is an integrated set of processes that a company uses to optimize the productivity of its employees..

School Bus Attendance

The RFID reader in the school bus detects the smart card and marks their presence in the car. The recorded data is send to the school server..


Parents can pay fees through the Benchmark Learning smart cards. The encoded information in the smart cards can be used to pull up the student payment information .


Children often need to borrow books from the library. Our smart cards eliminate the use of a special library card as it has multiple utilities.

BMI data-

The smart cards can be linked to the BMI information of each student and the school canteen can decide to serve the daily nutritional requirement.

User And Admin

Work force management system provides two major profiles – one for users and another for admins. User access is provided for teachers and other staff to apply leaves, enter their productivity reports, etc..


They will get a unique profile with a login ID and password. By using this ID, they will be able to punch in/out for the attendance to be tracked, apply leaves beforehand to get it approved, and get the detailed salary report..


The Work Force Management System for educational institutes provides exactly that and a lot more. Think tracking attendance, marking leaves, and paying salaries apart from a comprehensive productivity sheet..


This software is a single solution for all your school Work Force Management needs. Every new teacher or any other staff can be enrolled to the Work Force Management System online portal.


Parents can access the overall attendance of their ward; it begins once the student leaves home for school. Parents can mark attendance and also track real-time attendance, daily or monthly attendance.


In academics feature, parents get updated on the child’s curriculum, daily assignments, timetable etc. Parents can easily trace their child’s academics and daily activities.


Assessment feature is freely accessible for all parents. Quiz and Assessment features can be utilized by students for additional workout and revision sessions. Results are also available for the parents..


Administration is one of the key features of parent app. Fee details include pending and payment details are available in this. Parents can upload and save student documents such as birth certificate, insurance card details, identity card etc.


Collect and store primary student information. Enroll the student next class once promoted

Online payment

Convenient online transactions of fees. Online school fees payment system by Benchmark Learning offers dedicated module for School Fees collection.


Financial dealings of the school similar to funds, taxes, asset management, purchases are embedded in this module..


The admission process is carefully streamlined to attain a systematic flow.The faculty module contains details of all the employees registered during the time of recruitment..

The central decision maker will be the director of a district (as per need), but every level of people will have a role to play and a responsibility to maintain.

In fact, the biggest responsibilities are on their shoulders, ie, to teach, conduct exams, publish results, maintain class decorum, submit reports and many more.

Principal will be the head of a school or a college. All the issues within the institution will be resolved by the principal.

Since there will be thousands of students in an institution and many departments to handle, a Principal alone cannot make everything perfect.

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